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Dear students,


After the terrible earthquake, there are lots of children out of school. Some of them are even homeless.

Their schools and houses have destroyed. They can just live in the open air.They don t have enough school things or clothes .As we all know,every kid has the right to go to school,but now they are in trouble.As a Chinese,we should help them as possible as we can. We can raise some money and things for them. And we can also write to them to encourage them. I hope they will return to school as soon as possible with our help

The only thing on my hu**and s description would be the word fun written in big red letters along the top. Although he is a selfless caregiver and provider, our children think of him more as a combination of a jungle gym and bozo and clown.

Our parenting styles compliment each other. His style is a nonstop adventure where no one has to worry about washing their hands, eating vegetables, or getting cavities. My style is similar to Mussolini. I m too busy worrying to be fun. Besides, every time I try, I am constantly outdone by my hu**and.I bought my children bubble gum flavored toothpaste and I taught them how to brush their teeth in tiny circles so they wouldn t get cavities. They thought it was neat until my hu**and taught them how to rinse by spitting out water between their two front teeth like a fountain.I took the children on a walk in the woods and, after two hours, I managed to corral a slow ladybug into my son s insect cage. I was cool until their father came home, spent two minutes in the backyard, and captured a beetle the size of a Chihuahua.


I try to tell myself I am a good parent even if my hu**and does things I can t do. I can make sure my children are safe, warm, and dry. I ll stand in line for five hours so the children can see Santa at the mall or be first in line to see the latest Disney movie. But I can t wire the VCR so my children can watch their favorite video.I can carry my children in my arms when they are tired, tuck them into bed, and kiss them goodnight. But I can t flip them upside down so they can walk on the ceiling or prop them on my shoulders so they can see the moths flying inside of the light fixture.I can take them to doctor appointments, scout meetings, or field trips to the aquarium, but I ll never go into the wilderness, skewer a worm on a hook, reel in a fish, and cook it over an open flame on a piece of tin foil.

my son brendan cried his first day of school。 even mrs。 phillips, a kind, soft-spoken master of the six-year-old mind, could not coax him to a seat。 his eyes streamed, his nose ran and he clung to me like a snail on a strawberry。 i plucked him off and escaped。

it wasn't that brendan didn't like school。 he just didn't like being apart from me。 we'd had some good times, he and i, in those preschool years。 we played at the pool。 we skated on quiet morning ice。 we sampled half the treat tray at weekly neighborhood coffee parties。 now in grade 1, brendan was faced with five hours of wondering what i was doing with my day。

brendan always came home for lunch, the only one of his class not to eat at his desk。 but once home, fed and hugged, a far-away look of longing would crease his gentle brow—he wanted to go back to school to play! so i walked him back, waited with him until he spotted someone he knew, then left。 he told me once that he watched me until he couldn't see me anymore, so i always walked fast and never looked back。


one day when i took brendan back after lunch, he spied a friend, kissed me goodbye, and scampered right off。 i went, feeling pleased for him, celebrating his new independence, his entry into the first-grade social loop。 then—i didn初中英语作文网't know why—i glanced back。 and there he was。 the playground buzzed all around him, kids everywhere, and he stood, his chin tucked close, his body held **all, his face intent but not sad, blowing me kisses。 so brave, so unashamed, so completely loving, brendan was watching me go。

no book on mothering could have prepared me for that quick, raw glimpse into my child's soul。 my mind leaped 15 years ahead to him packing boxes and his dog grown old and him saying, "dry up, mom。 it's not like i'm leaving the country。" in my mind i tore up the card every mother signs saying she'll let her child go when he's ready。 i looked at my brendan, his shirt tucked in, every button done up, his toes just turned in a bit, and i thought, "ok, you're six for me forever。" with a **ile i had to really dig for, i blew him a kiss, turned and walked away。

Mother’s Love

Every child is surrounded by the deep mother love. However, we often turn a blind eye to the love. One day I deeply felt the love.


One day I hurried home for lunch after school, because there would be an exam in the afternoon and I had expected to go back to school early to prepare for the exam. But when I got home, the lunch was not ready yet. I felt unhappy. When the dishes were served, I forund none I like. I ran out of my house angrily and wanderde on the street for a while,hungry. Then I walked to school.When I got into the classroom, I saw a lunch box on my desk. One clas**ate told me that it was my mother ther that had brought it here.After opening the box, I found my favorite food inside. My eyes was moist with tears.

Mother gave me her love without asking for return, How deep mother love is!









1、A mother ‘s voice is the most beautiful sound in the world! ( Dante )


2、Loving mother of the arm is composed, the children could not sleep in it sweet? ( Hugo )



3、Maternal love is the greatest power in the world. ( mill)


4、Motherly love is how strong, selfish, fanatical to take the feelings of the whole heart. ( Duncan )母爱是多么强烈、自私、狂热地占据我们整个心灵的感情。(邓肯)

5、How much like the mother of the world! Their heart is always the same. Every mother has a very pure utter innocence初中英语作文网. ( Whitman )




Father's love is like music, playing wonderful music for me;



Father's love is like spring water. When my mouth is dry, give me water.


Father's love is like a pillar! It is father who supports the whole family with his high back.



Father's love is great




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